Calculation Sheet – Execution Petition under Section 125 CRPC

The “Calculation Sheet – Execution Petition under Section 125 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CRPC)” is a document used in legal proceedings related to maintenance orders. Section 125 of the CRPC pertains to the provision of maintenance for spouses, children, or parents who are unable to support themselves financially.

In instances where an individual fails to comply with a maintenance order issued by the court under Section 125 CRPC, the recipient of maintenance can file an execution petition. This petition seeks the enforcement of the court’s order, ensuring that the entitled person receives the maintenance amount due.

The Calculation Sheet within the Execution Petition plays a vital role in detailing the specific arrears or outstanding amounts owed by the defaulter. It meticulously outlines the calculations, including the principal maintenance amount, any accrued interest, and other relevant expenses, providing a comprehensive breakdown of the arrears due from the defaulter.

This document is essential in demonstrating the exact amount owed by the defaulter, aiding the court in making informed decisions regarding the enforcement of the maintenance order. It serves as a crucial piece of evidence in pursuing the rightful entitlements of the recipient of maintenance under Section 125 CRPC.


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