Affidavit For Name Change In Gas Copy

An “Affidavit for Name Change in Gas Copy” is a legal document used to officially declare and verify a change in name for the records associated with gas-related services or documents. This affidavit becomes necessary when an individual undergoes a legal name change due to marriage, divorce, or any other legitimate reason and wishes to update their name on gas-related documents.

The affidavit typically includes personal details, such as the previous name, new name, reason for the name change, and relevant identification information of the individual initiating the change. It is sworn and affirmed before a notary public or a designated authority, confirming the authenticity of the name change request.

Once the affidavit is properly executed and notarized, it serves as evidence of the name change and can be submitted to the relevant gas service provider or authorities to update their records. This ensures that future communication, bills, or official documents related to gas services reflect the individual’s updated and legally recognized name.

The “Affidavit for Name Change in Gas Copy” is an important legal instrument to formalize and authenticate the change of name in gas-related documents, ensuring accuracy and conformity with the individual’s legal identity.


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