Compromise in MACT under Order 32 Rule 7(1) of CPC

In Motor Accident Claim Tribunal (MACT) cases, a “Compromise under Order 32 Rule 7(1) of the Civil Procedure Code (CPC)” refers to a settlement reached between parties involved in the MACT proceedings, typically between the claimant (victim) and the respondent (opposite party or insurance company). Order 32 Rule 7(1) of the CPC deals with the compromise or settlement on behalf of a minor or a person who is legally incompetent to contract.

This compromise involves an agreement where both parties mutually agree to resolve the claim without a full trial or adjudication. It might include an agreed-upon compensation amount or terms for settling the matter, considering the circumstances of the accident, injuries, and other relevant factors.

The tribunal evaluates the compromise to ensure it is fair, reasonable, and in the best interest of the claimant, especially when minors or legally incompetent individuals are involved. Once the tribunal approves the compromise, it becomes binding, and the case is settled based on the agreed terms between the parties, thereby concluding the MACT proceedings without the need for a prolonged trial.


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