Execution Petition under Section 125 of the CrPC

An “Execution Petition under Section 125 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CRPC)” is a legal document filed by an individual seeking the enforcement of a maintenance order issued by the court. Section 125 of the CRPC deals with providing maintenance to wives, children, and parents who are unable to support themselves financially.

When a court issues a maintenance order directing a person to pay maintenance to their spouse, children, or parents, and the person fails to comply with the court’s order, the affected party can file an execution petition. This petition requests the court to enforce the maintenance order and ensure that the ordered amount is paid by the defaulter.

The execution petition outlines the details of the court order, the default in payment, and seeks the court’s intervention to execute the order by methods such as attachment of the defaulter’s property or wages, garnishment of bank accounts, or any other legal means to enforce the payment of maintenance as per the court’s directive. The purpose of the execution petition is to compel compliance with the court’s maintenance order and secure the rightful financial support entitled to the claimant.


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