MACT Execution Petition

The “Motor Accident Claims Tribunal (MACT) Execution Petition” is a legal document filed by a claimant or a decree holder in the MACT seeking enforcement or execution of the compensation awarded by the Tribunal. After a judgment or decree is passed in a motor accident compensation case, if the opposite party fails to comply with the court’s order to pay the awarded compensation, the claimant can file an Execution Petition before the MACT.

The purpose of this petition is to request the Tribunal to initiate the process of executing the judgment or decree by enforcing the payment of the awarded compensation amount. The Execution Petition outlines the details of the court judgment, the compensation amount, and provides reasons why the opposite party has failed to comply.

Upon receiving the Execution Petition, the MACT reviews the petition, examines the facts, and summons the opposite party to present their side. Subsequently, the Tribunal may issue appropriate orders to enforce the payment, which can include actions like attachment of the opposite party’s property or other lawful means to ensure the claimant receives the compensation amount as awarded by the court.

The MACT Execution Petition serves as a legal recourse for claimants seeking the enforcement of the compensation granted to them by the Tribunal in motor accident cases, ensuring that justice is upheld and rightful compensation is received by the affected party.


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