Application for Attachment of Account in Execution

The “Application for Attachment of Account in Execution” is a legal request filed in court to seize or attach a debtor’s bank account or financial assets as part of the execution process to recover a debt owed by the debtor. This application is typically made by a judgment creditor or someone who has obtained a court judgment against a debtor but hasn’t received the owed payment.

During the execution phase, where the court order to enforce the judgment is implemented, the creditor may file this application seeking the attachment of the debtor’s bank account or assets. It aims to secure the funds necessary to satisfy the outstanding debt. Once the court grants the application, the bank account or assets mentioned in the application are frozen or attached, preventing the debtor from accessing or disposing of those funds.

The Application for Attachment of Account in Execution is a crucial step in the debt recovery process, allowing the creditor to take legal action to seize the debtor’s financial resources to settle the outstanding debt in accordance with the court’s judgment. This process enables the creditor to enforce the court’s decision and recover the owed amount from the debtor’s assets to fulfill the judgment.


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