Income Affidavit Under Section 125 CRPC

An “Income Affidavit Under Section 125 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CRPC)” is a legal document submitted to the court regarding the income details of an individual. Section 125 of the CRPC deals with the provision for maintenance of wives, children, and parents. In cases where an individual is unable to maintain themselves financially, they can claim maintenance from their spouse, children, or parents.

The income affidavit serves as a sworn statement declaring the income and financial status of the concerned individual. It includes details of the individual’s sources of income, earnings, assets, and liabilities. This affidavit is crucial in determining the amount of maintenance to be awarded to the claimant, ensuring that they receive adequate financial support for their sustenance.

The Income Affidavit under Section 125 CRPC plays a pivotal role in family law proceedings where financial support is sought. It helps the court in assessing the financial capacity of the respondent and facilitates the fair and just determination of maintenance amounts to support the claimant’s livelihood.


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