Affidavit For Changing Vehicle from Commercial to Personal

An “Affidavit for Changing Vehicle from Commercial to Personal Use” is a legal document used to declare and affirm the change in the designated usage of a vehicle. When a vehicle is initially registered for commercial purposes and there is a decision to transition it to personal use, this affidavit serves as an official statement attesting to that alteration.

This affidavit typically includes details such as the vehicle’s registration information, the owner’s identification details, the previous commercial purpose of the vehicle, and the intended shift to personal use. It may also outline reasons for the change, such as a shift in the vehicle’s primary function or use.

Submitting this affidavit to the concerned transportation or motor vehicle authority is often a necessary step in reclassifying the vehicle’s status from commercial to personal. It formalizes the owner’s declaration regarding the change in the vehicle’s intended usage, ensuring compliance with legal regulations and facilitating the necessary administrative adjustments.

The affidavit serves as a sworn statement, affirming that the vehicle will no longer be used for commercial purposes and will be exclusively utilized for personal reasons, adhering to the rules and regulations governing such changes in vehicle classification.


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