Affidavit For Changing Son’s Name

An “Affidavit for Changing Son’s Name” is a legally binding document used to officially declare and confirm the intention to change the name of a minor son. Parents or legal guardians often initiate this affidavit to initiate the process of altering their son’s name as per their wishes.

This affidavit typically includes essential details such as the current name of the son, the proposed new name, reasons for the name change, parental consent, and any supporting documentation, such as a birth certificate. It’s crucial to provide a clear and valid explanation for the name change, ensuring it aligns with the best interests of the child and is not motivated by any illegal or fraudulent intentions.

Submitting this affidavit is usually the initial step in the legal procedure for changing a minor’s name. Once the affidavit is notarized and submitted, further legal formalities may follow, including publication of the name change in local newspapers, obtaining court approval (if required), and updating official documents and records to reflect the new name.

The affidavit serves as a solemn declaration by the parents or guardians affirming their desire to change their son’s name, ensuring that the process adheres to legal norms and safeguards the child’s welfare.


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