Consumer Execution Affidavit

The “Consumer Execution Affidavit” is a legal document used in consumer protection cases to facilitate the execution of a court judgment or order in favor of a consumer. When a consumer prevails in a dispute against a seller, service provider, or manufacturer regarding faulty goods, deficient services, or unfair trade practices, the court may issue a judgment in favor of the consumer.

The execution affidavit is filed by the consumer to initiate the enforcement or execution of the court’s judgment or order. It outlines details such as the particulars of the case, the court’s judgment, and the steps taken to execute the judgment, including seeking compensation or remedies as directed by the court.

This affidavit plays a crucial role in the execution process, as it provides a formal declaration by the consumer affirming the authenticity and accuracy of the information presented. It acts as a tool to initiate the legal process for enforcing the court’s decision, ensuring that the consumer receives the rightful compensation or remedies as ordered by the court in adherence to consumer protection laws.


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