Application for Exemption from Personal Appearance of Accused

The “Application for Exemption from Personal Appearance of Accused” is a formal request submitted to the court seeking permission for the accused individual to be excused from physically attending court proceedings. There might be various reasons for filing such an application, including health issues, unavoidable prior commitments, or other substantial grounds that prevent the accused from appearing in court.

This application typically includes a detailed explanation and supporting evidence justifying the need for exemption from personal appearance. It might involve medical certificates, travel itineraries, or any relevant documentation that substantiates the reasons for the requested exemption.

The court considers the application based on the merit of the reasons provided and the nature of the case. If the court finds the reasons valid and justifiable, it may grant the exemption, allowing the accused to be absent from the court proceedings for the specified duration or until the circumstances preventing their appearance are resolved.

It’s important to note that the decision to grant exemption from personal appearance lies at the discretion of the court, balancing the interests of justice and the accused’s rights to a fair trial with their circumstances necessitating exemption.


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