Application For Attachment Of Property Under Order 21 rule 41 C.P.C. MACT

In the realm of legal procedures, the application for attachment of property under Order 21, Rule 41 of the Civil Procedure Code (C.P.C.) plays a crucial role, particularly in the context of Motor Accident Claims Tribunals (MACT). This legal provision is a powerful tool that enables a claimant to secure their rightful compensation in cases of motor accidents where the liable party fails to honor the court’s verdict.

Key Aspects of the Application:

  1. Enforcement of MACT Awards: When the MACT awards compensation to a victim or their legal heirs in a motor accident case, it is imperative for the liable party to comply with the court’s order promptly. However, in instances where the liable party neglects or refuses to fulfill their legal obligation, the application for attachment of property comes into play.
  2. Asset Seizure: Order 21, Rule 41 of the C.P.C. empowers the claimant or decree holder to approach the court for the attachment of the liable party’s property. This attachment essentially means that the court seizes or freezes the assets of the liable party to ensure that the awarded compensation is paid.
  3. Enforcing Compensation: By initiating this process, the claimant takes a legal step towards securing the awarded compensation. The court’s intervention in property attachment ensures that the liable party does not evade their financial responsibility.
  4. Legal Safeguards: The application for attachment of property is a safeguard provided by the legal system to guarantee that the compensation, which may be essential for medical treatment or financial support, is not delayed or denied.

In summary, an application for the attachment of property under Order 21, Rule 41 of the C.P.C. within the purview of MACT is a critical legal remedy that upholds the rights of accident victims and their claimants. It serves as a mechanism for the efficient enforcement of compensation awards, ensuring that justice is not only delivered in the courtroom but also translated into tangible financial relief for those affected by motor accidents.


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