Application For Condonation Delay Of Criminal Revision

In the realm of criminal law, timeliness is often of paramount importance. Legal proceedings are expected to adhere to a predefined schedule to ensure a fair and efficient judicial process. However, there are instances where unforeseen circumstances or procedural hurdles can lead to delays. When it comes to Criminal Revision, an application for the condonation of delay may be filed to seek permission to proceed with the revision despite missing a prescribed deadline.

The application for condonation of delay in a Criminal Revision is a formal request to the court. In this application, the petitioner explains the reasons for the delay and seeks the court’s indulgence to consider their revision even though it may have been filed beyond the stipulated time frame.

Reasons for delay may vary, but they typically include factors such as genuine ignorance of the deadline, legal complexities, administrative delays, or any other justifiable cause. The court, in its discretion, may grant or deny the condonation based on the merits of the case and the explanations provided by the petitioner.

Condonation of delay is a judicial mechanism that ensures that cases are not dismissed solely on procedural grounds, giving individuals a fair opportunity to have their matters heard and considered. It strikes a balance between the need for timely proceedings and the requirement for justice to be done, acknowledging that strict adherence to deadlines should not infringe upon the right to a fair legal process.


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