Application For Given The Correct Address Of Respondent

An “Application for Providing the Correct Address of Respondent” is a formal request submitted to the court to rectify or update the address details of a respondent involved in a legal case. In legal proceedings, it is crucial to have accurate and up-to-date contact information, especially the respondent’s address, to ensure that legal notices, summons, or communications reach the intended party effectively.

This application is typically filed by the petitioner or the plaintiff when they encounter difficulties in serving legal documents or notices to the respondent due to an incorrect or outdated address provided by the respondent. The applicant seeks the court’s permission to furnish or update the accurate and current address of the respondent, enabling proper communication and ensuring that the respondent is duly informed about the legal proceedings against them.

The application presents the correct and validated address details, supported by evidence or documentation, to substantiate the authenticity of the updated information. Once the court verifies and acknowledges the updated address, it facilitates the smooth progress of the legal proceedings by ensuring that the respondent is appropriately notified and given the opportunity to participate in the case.


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