Application for Granting Interim Maintenance

An “Application for Granting Interim Maintenance” is a legal plea submitted to a court seeking temporary financial support during the pendency of a legal proceeding, primarily in matrimonial or family disputes. The application is filed by a party (usually the spouse or dependent) seeking financial assistance from the other party (spouse or the earning member) until a final decision is reached in the case.

This application is a crucial step to ensure that the applicant, who may be financially dependent, receives necessary financial aid to meet daily expenses, including food, shelter, medical needs, and other essential requirements. The applicant must provide relevant details supporting their financial needs, income, and expenses to substantiate the request for interim maintenance.

The court, upon reviewing the application and considering various factors such as the financial status of both parties, standard of living, and other circumstances, may grant interim maintenance. The purpose of interim maintenance is to address immediate financial necessities and maintain a balance until the final determination of the case. The amount granted may be revisited and adjusted as the case progresses, ensuring fairness and equity between the parties involved.


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