Application For Impleading Respondent Under Order 1 Rule 10

An “Application for Impleading Respondent under Order 1 Rule 10” is a legal request filed in court to add or bring in an additional party to an ongoing case. Order 1 Rule 10 of the Civil Procedure Code allows the court to implead new parties when it is necessary to effectively adjudicate the matter and ensure justice to all involved. This application is typically made by a party already involved in the case, seeking the court’s permission to include another person or entity whose presence is crucial for a fair and complete resolution of the dispute. The applicant must present valid reasons supporting the need for the new party’s involvement, demonstrating how their presence will assist in resolving the matter efficiently. Upon careful consideration and if the court deems it necessary, the new party may be impleaded, allowing them to participate in the proceedings and assert their rights in the case.


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