Application for Issue of international driving license

The “Application for Issue of an International Driving License” is a formal request made by an individual to obtain a document that allows them to legally drive in foreign countries. An International Driving License (IDL) serves as a translation of the driver’s existing domestic license into several languages, facilitating ease of communication and recognition of driving privileges while traveling abroad.

To apply for an International Driving License, an individual typically submits an application to the relevant authorities, usually the country’s motor vehicle department or designated issuing authority. The application may require personal details, a valid domestic driver’s license, passport-sized photographs, and applicable fees. The applicant must comply with the specific requirements outlined by their country’s issuing authority.

Upon approval, the International Driving License is issued, providing the individual with the legal right to drive in various countries for a specified period. However, it is essential to note that an IDL is not a standalone document for driving but should be accompanied by a valid domestic driver’s license from the individual’s home country.

The issuance of an International Driving License aims to facilitate international travel by allowing drivers to operate vehicles in foreign nations without the need to undergo additional tests or assessments, promoting ease and convenience for tourists, expatriates, and travelers exploring different parts of the world.


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