Application for Issue Conditional Warrant Against The Respondent

An “Application for Issue Conditional Warrant Against The Respondent” is a legal request submitted to the court, seeking the issuance of a warrant against a respondent with specific conditions attached. This application is typically filed when the respondent, despite being duly served notices or summons, fails to appear before the court as required.

The conditional warrant aims to compel the respondent’s appearance in court by imposing certain conditions. These conditions may include a specified date and time by which the respondent must appear before the court, a mandate to furnish a bond or surety, or any other conditions deemed necessary by the court to secure the respondent’s presence.

The applicant must provide substantial reasons supporting the need for a conditional warrant against the respondent. It is essential to demonstrate to the court the importance of the respondent’s presence in the proceedings for a fair and just resolution of the case.

Upon the court’s consideration of the application, if it finds merit in the reasons provided and deems the conditional warrant necessary, it may issue the warrant with the specified conditions. The respondent is then obligated to comply with the conditions outlined in the warrant, ensuring their appearance in court as directed by the judicial authority.


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