Application For Order 1 Rule 10 With Section 151 CPC

An “Application for Order 1 Rule 10” pertains to the legal procedure in a court of law where an applicant requests the inclusion of additional parties to an ongoing case. Under Order 1 Rule 10 of the Civil Procedure Code, courts hold the authority to allow the impleadment of new parties if it is deemed necessary for an effective and fair adjudication of the matter at hand.

This application is typically filed by an involved party seeking permission from the court to add another person or entity, whose presence in the case is crucial for a comprehensive resolution. The applicant must present valid justifications, elucidating how the inclusion of the new party will assist in achieving a fair and complete resolution. The court scrutinizes the application, evaluating the necessity of the new party’s involvement in the proceedings.

If the court deems it essential for the proper determination of the case, it may grant permission for the new party to be impleaded. Consequently, the newly included party gains the right to participate in the legal proceedings, asserting their rights and interests related to the case in question.


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