Application For Re-Calling Of Non Bailable Warrant Of Accused

In the legal landscape, a Non-Bailable Warrant (NBW) is a serious matter. It is issued by a court when an accused individual fails to appear before it despite being duly summoned. An NBW empowers law enforcement to arrest the accused without bail. However, in certain circumstances, it is possible to seek the re-calling or cancellation of an NBW.

An “Application for Re-Calling of Non-Bailable Warrant of Accused” is a formal legal request made by the accused, their legal counsel, or a representative, to the court. This application outlines compelling reasons why the court should reconsider the NBW and potentially set it aside.

Common grounds for such an application may include:

  1. Valid Excuse: The accused might present a valid reason for their non-appearance, such as illness, family emergency, or a lack of awareness regarding the court date.
  2. Cooperation Assurance: The accused may pledge to cooperate with the legal proceedings and commit to future court appearances.
  3. Mistaken Identity: In cases of mistaken identity, the accused may seek to clarify their identity and prove that they were not the intended party.
  4. Settlement or Compromise: In some instances, the parties involved may have reached an agreement, and the accused may request the court’s indulgence to cancel the NBW.

It is essential to draft such an application meticulously, adhering to legal procedures and protocols. The court will assess the presented reasons and determine whether the NBW should be re-called. If the court finds the reasons valid and justifiable, it may cancel the NBW and provide a new court date.

The process of applying for the re-calling of an NBW underscores the importance of legal diligence, the right to a fair trial, and the principle that individuals should not be unduly punished for circumstances beyond their control.


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