Application For Return Of Jamma Telashi To Applicant

An “Application for Return of Jamma Telashi to Applicant” refers to a legal petition filed by an individual to retrieve the Jamma Telashi, commonly associated with land tenancy or land revenue records. In various regions, Jamma Telashi signifies the acknowledgment or payment receipt for land revenue or rent paid to the landlord or government authorities.

The application typically involves a request made by a tenant or an individual holding the right to use the land. The reasons for such a request could vary, such as completion of the tenure, fulfillment of payment obligations, or any other circumstances that necessitate the return of the Jamma Telashi to the rightful holder.

The applicant must present valid grounds supporting the return of the Jamma Telashi, ensuring that all legal requirements and dues related to land revenue or tenancy have been duly settled. Upon careful consideration and verification by the relevant authorities, the Jamma Telashi may be returned to the applicant, acknowledging the fulfillment of obligations or tenure conditions.

The application for the return of Jamma Telashi plays a pivotal role in ensuring clarity and legality in land-related matters, affirming the rightful possession or fulfillment of responsibilities by the concerned party.


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