Bail Affidavit Under Section 439 CRPC – Second Bail

The “Bail Affidavit under Section 439 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CRPC) – Second Bail” is a legal document filed in court for the grant of bail to an individual who has previously obtained bail but is seeking bail again in connection with another case or charge.

Section 439 of the CRPC empowers the High Court or Court of Sessions to grant bail to individuals involved in criminal cases when circumstances warrant it. However, when an individual who has previously been granted bail is accused in another case, they may seek bail again, referred to as the “Second Bail.”

The Bail Affidavit under Section 439 CRPC – Second Bail typically outlines the reasons for seeking bail again, providing details of the new case or charge against the individual. It might include information about the nature of the offense, the applicant’s background, reasons justifying the need for bail, and assurances of compliance with bail conditions.

Filing for a second bail involves demonstrating to the court the necessity and legitimacy of obtaining bail again, emphasizing factors such as not posing a flight risk, ensuring cooperation with the legal process, and maintaining law and order. The affidavit aims to persuade the court to grant bail by presenting a compelling case that aligns with the legal provisions and the individual’s rights under the law.


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