Calculation – Execution Petition

The “Calculation – Execution Petition” refers to a legal application filed by a decree holder in a civil court to execute or enforce a court decree or judgment against the judgment debtor. This petition is filed after obtaining a favorable judgment or decree from the court, typically in cases involving recovery of money owed, property disputes, or other civil matters.

The decree holder, who is entitled to receive certain payments or actions from the judgment debtor as per the court’s decree, files the execution petition to initiate the process of implementing or executing the court’s decision. The petition includes details regarding the decree, such as the amount or nature of the relief granted, and requests the court to enforce the decree by various means, such as seizure of property, garnishment of wages, or other methods permissible under the law.

The execution petition serves as a formal request to the court, outlining the specifics of the decree and seeking the court’s intervention to compel the judgment debtor to comply with the terms set by the court’s decision. Once the execution petition is filed, the court may proceed with further hearings and take necessary actions to execute the decree in accordance with the applicable legal procedures and provisions.


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